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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Who the, what the, huh? Oh, Miss Pole. Wait… Who’s that?

It just occurred to me that I've never written about the history of Miss Pole. Over the last five years, our relationship has been strictly business: company mission, promo codes, class updates, new workshops, etc. But today our relationship is getting personal. If you're not ready for the next stage, you can dump me now by clicking Unsubscribe. I mean that in the nicest of ways.

The company history starts in early 2005. Allow me to set the scene... I'm late for work because I can't fit into my pants. I can't fit into my pants because I have two small children. Those two small children are hungry and need to eat breakfast. They can't eat breakfast because I can't find my homework. I can't find my homework because I didn't actually do it.

My life is out of control and a little root-cause analysis tells me that it's those damn pants. Corrective action is obviously the next logical step. I get to work and immediately Google 'fun exercise'. The search results would forever change my life. No, I'm not being dramatic... okay, maybe a little dramatic.

The results pointed me to a small local gym offering pole classes one night a week. I was apprehensive. I was nervous. I was embarrassed. And to top it off... I was late the first night. A few weeks of class go by and things start to change. It's not my body yet because the pants still don't fit. But my walk is different. My interactions are different. The way I put away groceries is different. Then it hits me - I feel STRONG and CONFIDENT and SEXY!

Are these feelings a direct result of pole dancing? At this point, I'm getting my MBA and I know there are far too many variables to make a conclusion. For my Thesis I decide to do a multiple regression to determine if pole dancing was a predictor of MY emotional happiness. You know what I found out? Nothing, none of the results yielded significance.

I didn't know what it was about pole dancing that made me feel strong or confident or sexy. I didn't know why it helped me develop strong and supportive bonds with other women. I just knew that every woman should have an opportunity to feel like I did.

With my lifelong savings of $1912.18, I opened Miss Pole. My objective then was the same as it is today. I am committed to inspiring ALL women to feel confident, sexy and strong! And Miss Pole is the safe and encouraging environment that allows it to happen.

The difference, five years later, is that I don't need multiple regression to tell me what makes women accept and appreciate their bodies. I get to see women transform every single day and I am grateful beyond belief.

As Miss Pole starts its sixth year, I want to thank our supportive students, fantastic instructors and all the awesome women in my life!

With appreciation,
Patricia Hockin

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